The Get Glam Tray~ Trendmood X Zahra Beauty

The Get Glam Tray~ Trendmood X Zahra Beauty
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The 'Get Glam Tray'
The Get Glam Tray provides you an easy access for your go to makeup products. It has been designed to organize your next look without missing a beat! Literally, wake up and do your makeup. Just like that!
Designed by 'TRENDMOOD' and made by 'Zahra Beauty' has made it even more special. 
Hope you enjoy our creation and show it off on your vanity! 
Don't forget to #GetGlamTray and tag us @zahrabeautystore @trendmood1 so we can see it! 
                                                                           'Be your own kind of Beautiful' 

The Tray is made of 3 separated parts to make it easy for setup and traveling:
  • Holder:           50x60x100mm
  • Bottom part:   240x140x58mm
  • Top part:        240x140x33mm
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