Quad Diamond Plus

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Quad Diamond Plus.

The Quad Diamond plus is similar to the Quad Diamond Beauty Box, however it has slightly larger dimensions. This high quality acrylic beauty box is the perfect way to store all of your makeup and various beauty supplies. The material is transparent, making it easy to quickly locate your desired beauty products. The Quad Diamond Beauty Box consists of a top, lidded compartment and four drawers. Dividers are included so that each layer could be customized to fit your needs. Each drawer is accented with beautiful light pink crystal handles. Zahra Beauty offers a variety of other colored handles in our shop that can be interchanged.


14" L x 12" W x 17" H

 TOP :  2" DEEP   

MID 1: 3"DEEP  

MID 2: 3" DEEP  

MID 3: 4'' DEEP


Note: Makeup is Not included

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